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Did you know that in the event of a collision impact your windshield can save your life?

Your windshield represents 70% of the composition of your car. In fact, it is the windshield that supports the entire passenger compartment when there is a collision and rollover. The windshield must now compensate for the weakening of the roof frame and become an integral part of the structure. In addition, its role is to remain in place to restrain the occupants inside the car in case of impact.

In fact, auto safety experts rank the windshield third in importance as a component of safety in cars and trucks today, after the seat belts and airbags.

Compliance With Safety Standards

To offer the best service, London Car Glass Repair installers ensure they meet and even exceed established safety standards. Windshield replacement is not to be taken lightly, because your safety and the safety of your passengers depend on it.