How to Protect Your Windscreen from the Winter Weather

Your windscreen is a very important part of your car. In fact, it is more like a tool than just a part. The windscreen helps to protect you and your passengers from the elements and from being expelled from the car in an accident. And now with airbags being in vehicles, the windscreen is even more important for keeping the airbag in place when it deploys. So, you have to take care of your windscreen so it can take care of you. It gets really cold in London this time of year so here are some tips on how to care for your windscreen in the wintertime.


The first thing to do to keep your windscreen clear is to prevent it from getting icy in the first place. It is best to keep your vehicle parked inside. If you do not have a garage or any place in London to park inside, you will have to cover your windscreen to keep it clean and dry. Place an old tablecloth or cardboard on the windscreen underneath your windscreen wipers to keep the frost off. Or, if you have some old bath mats or car floor mats you can use those. This way you will not have any frost or ice to clean off your windscreen in the morning.

Onions and Vinegar

Another way to prevent ice and frost is to spray your windscreen and other car class with white vinegar at night. You can also use alcohol for this, but vinegar is the cheaper solution. Some people in London say that a raw onion cut in half and wiped on your windscreen and other car glass will do the same thing.

New Use for Old Socks

Putting old socks over your windscreen wipers will keep them from getting ice on them and it will also keep them from sticking to the windscreen. Also, to keep your windscreen and other car glass from getting fogged up you can fill an old sock with cat litter and keep it inside your car. The litter will absorb the moisture so it will not turn into fog on your glass.

What NOT to Do

Do not ever put water (hot or cold) on your windscreen to melt the ice! This can cause your windscreen to crack and then you will have to get it fixed. Do not leave water bottles or any other beverages in your car because it turns into frost in your car overnight. Do not put straight water in your windscreen washer reservoir. This will freeze and crack your reservoir or it will instantly turn into a layer of ice on your windscreen when you try to clean it. It is best to use the washer fluid with antifreeze and keep it full at all times.

To Clear the Ice

To clear the ice easier turn on the defroster way before you are ready to leave. And you can try spraying vinegar or alcohol on the ice scraper first to help it melt. If you do not have or cannot find your ice scraper you can use a credit card in a pinch. Or a spatula if you have one handy. To unfreeze door locks heat your key with a lighter before inserting into the lock. Or try using your breath to blow on the lock because your breath is warm enough to melt the ice. To prevent ice in your locks you can spray them with WD-40 at night because it gets below freezing in London at night.

These tips should keep your windscreen from getting cracked but if you do get a crack you can call London Car Glass Repair and we can fix it for you.